Sunday, November 12, 2006

Virginians For Richardson

This website is dedicated to encouraging and promoting the candidacy of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as the Democratic candidate for President in 2008.
I am originally from Colorado and am excited about the prospect of a real Westerner in the White House. As a 22-year resident of the Old Dominion, I know Virginians will be impressed by his moderate politics and his credentials as a legislator, diplomat and administrator!
As this is my first blog, I may get off to a slow start. But I hope to have several links and photos soon


Ken Camp said...

Welcome to the "For Richardson" family of blogs. I've got you linked over at Washington for Richardson and you can find link to our other "for Richardson" blogs there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the blog and the support you can generate in VA for Governor Richardson.

encantada said...

Good for you, soccer Mom!! I hope you keep at it.
I have wanted Richardson to be President for a long time and appreciate your efforts.
Thank you-

Damian Sinclair said...

I am another Virginian for Richardson. Its clear after the mid term election that VA will be a hard fought state. We will all have to work very hard to make it happen!

Lets take the White House!

Michelle said...

Welcome to the family! Love your site and will look forward to visiting often! Virginia is a beautiful state....and is in close proximity to that glorious white house that President Richardson will soon be inhabiting!!!
All the best ~

Danny Cabeza de Calabazo said...

More photos and stories about Governor Bill Richardson at:

JackKennedy said...

Let's talk some politics ... Governor Richardson needs to stump in Virginia, raise some matching monies, and test the East Coast Mid-Atlantic waters from Norfolk to Norton and from Alexandria to Appalachia.

I am ready to work and organize when the national camapign gets rolling. Time is wasting.

Administrator said...


I have started Wisconsin for Richardson and I'd like to exchange links.


flamingphalanges said...

I am looking forward to the primaries.

I currently living in Northern Virginia. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.


brittany said...


I am also a VA supporter and hope you will be posting to this blog more frequently now that things are heating up a bit.

Please let me know if you are ever looking for more blog contributers - I would be happy to assist.

Christopher said...

I agree with you...Richardson is a quasi outsider that comes with federal expertise and excellent credentials. I would be willing to jump party lines to vote for him. I hope that the Democratic Party pushes him through to 2008. Good Luck!

J said...

As an independent who feels America is overly polarized and inhibited by our current two-party system, I feel that Bill Richardson is a candidate with a solid background who probably best embodies accomplishing the objective rather than voting with the party. My only concern with the Richardson campaign is the lack of visibility. Obama and Clinton are garnering absolute attention and leaving many other candidates completely overshadowed. I would like to see more of an aggressive push by his campaign to get him more publicity and showcase his accomplishments and work ethic.

Joaquin said...

Hi, could you email me at



DrGB said...

After reading in the Washington Post today (Saturday, Sept 29) that Hillary,Obama, and Edwards will not promise to have all troops out of Iraq even by 2013, my course of action became immediately clear: support Bill Richardson, who is moving forward on getting out of Iraq, and also the most electable candidate in the general election by a wide margin, IMHO.
I have contributed money and ordered campaign bling. Can someone tell me how to help get GBR on the Virginia primary ballot?

Anonymous said...

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